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Kollaasi 2014 II

Loviisa Peace Forum is a summer event in Loviisa, southern Finland, organized annually to bring together diverse opinions and perspectives within an environment of celebration. The weekend includes seminars, concerts, art exhibitions, and a peace mass in the Loviisa Cathedral. The highlight of the Forum is a Hiroshima Day gathering in the port for a speech, a concert, singing together, and a candlelight peace procession to the beach where candlelit boats will be put into the sea. Every year the Peace Forum’s seminarium gathers together inspiring thinkers from science, art, and politics to speak about current questions of peace and security. During recent years our themes have been new security threats, peaceful co-existence of religions, and the future of Europe. Through art and seminar discussions, we explore the great future challenges of humankind.


Ambassador Ilari Rantakari
+358 40 7094 245

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