a poem for the unjust, just a poem

in the society of the unjust

there are unjust rules

unjust games, unjust fights

unjust sorrow, unjust fun and

unjust life.

in the society of the unjust

there are unjust laws

unjust wars, unjust peace

unjust bureaucracy and

unjust democracy.

there is unjust philosophy

unjust history

unjust chemistry

unjust philanthropy

unjust reciprocity

unjust majority

unjust minority

unjust this, unjust that

just unjust.

in the society of the unjust

the highest honor is

the highly coveted ‘nobel war prize’

that goes to the most utterly ugly and unjust.

the unjust enjoys unjust adulations

the unjust indulges in unjust fornications

the unjust imposes unjust subordinations

the unjust does unjust capitulations

the unjust boasts unjust connections

the unjust has unjust institutions

the unjust in unjust isolations

the unjust with unjust ambitions!

in the society of the unjust

the greedy corrupt rules the needy corrupt.

just awesome.

just unjust.

* * *

Written by Ko Ko Thett in April 2010. Copyright Ko Ko Thett (2010). Kindly do not reprint the poem without the express consent of the author. Picture from Rangoon, Burma 2005 by Timo Virtala.

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