Personal Story of Sulaiman Khatib

Tapahtuma: Combatants for Peace sivarikeskuksella
Aika: 5.8.2010 klo 10.15 – 11.45
Paikka: Lapinjärven koulutuskeskus, Sikala -luentosali, Latokartanontie 97, Lapinjärvi
Liput: Vapaa pääsy
Kieli: Englanti

I started my struggle when I was twelve years old. I was fighting the Israeli army and I was arrested at the age of fourteen. I spent ten and a half years in Israeli jail and they closed my room in my family home, In this time I read and studied Hebrew, English, history, and about other conflicts and their resolution. Ideologically and practically we should find solutions for the conflict. I no longer support a miliatary solution.

Why I want peace: I want peace because it is our nature as human beings. In 2003 I met regular Israelis (not soldiers or prison guards) for the first time on a mission in Antartica. Then I decided to continue my activity together with Israeli peace activists and to struggle together for a good life. In 2005 I became a co-founder of Combatants for Peace, combatants in the past, peacemakers in the present. In 2007 I became the Palestinian coordinator for this organization. I do activities and summer activities for youth. I think it’s easier to change the new generation.

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