Bishop Munib Younan to Loviisa

Event: Jerusalem – City of Peace? seminar
Time: Sat 7th Aug 2010 at 14 – 16
Place: Kino Marilyn, Kuningattarenk 17, Loviisa.
Tickets: Free entry
Language: English

Munib Younan, Bishop of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Palestine and Jordan, will be speaking in Loviisa Peace Forum Seminar 7th of Aug 2010. The seminar is going to be held in English. An other video clip of Younan speaking and following comments about him can be found from Religion & Ethics Newsweekly -pages: “Bishop Younan is a person of God and of peace. He needs and deserves the attention of the international community.” (Mary Anderson). “Bishop Munib Younan has been a tireless voice for peace with justice. He needs to be heard globally, especially by people in the U.S.” Said Ailabouni. “Bishop Younan speaks on behalf of the voiceless and the marginalized. An authentic Christian voice in the Middle East promoting values of the Kingdom.” (Rev. Dr. Eardley Mendis)

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