Zambian Vocal Collection in Loviisa Aug 6th and 7th

Time and place: Sat 6th of Aug 2011 at 10 in Loviisa Market Square, at 21 – 21.50 in Laivasilta and Sun 7th Aug at 12 in Loviisa Square and at 15 in Kino Marilyn, Kuningattarenkatu 17.
Languages: English, several Zambian languages and Finnish
Tickets: Free enterance, except to Loviisa Song Festival in Kino Marilyn 5 e

Zambian Vocal Collection is an acappella gospel singing group. The group is composed of 10 young men who have grown up together in the community of Kalingalinga in eastern Lusaka. Having been formed in 1993, the group has been together for 14 years since their formation in 1993. The Zambian Vocal Collection began from the encouragement of a loving teacher in a Sunday school class in Kalingalinga. Having heard the boys sing, the teacher encouraged them to continue singing and later on they were appointed to be the official church choir by their Baptist Pastor.

In the months that followed, the boys organized themselves and taught each other a repertoire of songs in their tribal languages to present in the main church service each and every Sunday. Despite the boys’ enthusiasm for music, many did not take them seriously at first. Still, full of energy, interest and zeal, the boys tirelessly continued practicing every evening. As time passed and admiration for the group grew, others started joining the group, bringing the number of members to the maximum of forty-six. With time, some dropped out leaving the group with twenty-six members who were later given the name: ZABC (Zambian Acappella Boys Choir)

In August of 1996, the ZABC had an outstanding opportunity to tour in the United States of America showcasing their vocal talents all across the country. The tour lasted for 2 years and they returned to Zambia in 1998. By then, they were no longer the only group called the ZABC (Zambian Acappella Boys Choir), so they decided to change their name to the Zambian Vocal Collection to preserve their recognition within the country.

Since becoming the Zambian Vocal Collection (ZVC), these vocal talents have brought new life to the word acappella, singing traditional hymns, original verse and inspirational songs throughout their community and around the world. Their music touches people in all walks of life from the dedicated music connoisseur to the child whose ears are tickled with the sweet sounds of their vocal nuances. ZVC’s music style is best described as a combination of traditional hymns, popular music, vocal percussion, synchronized choreography and complex vocal harmonies.

Zambian Vocal Collection has been visiting Finland in 2009 and 2010. They have been performing at schools, churchs and festivals all over the country. Last year ZVC also performed at Provinssirock in Seinäjoki.

Listen to Zambian Vocal Collection singing, featuring Martti Syrjä. The music video was made in Finland 2010.

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Contact information:

Geofrey Sizala
Zambian Vocal Collection

Facebook: Zambian Vocal Collection

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