The Golden Rule in Business -seminar in Helsinki tomorrow

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Golden Rule in Zoroastrianism: That nature alone is good which refrains from doing another whatsoever is not good for itself.” Dadisten-I-dinik, 94,5

Friday Oct. 1st at 10.30 – 12.30
Ratapihantie 13

The Golden Rule is found in numerous cultures, religions, ethical systems, secular philosophies, indigenous (Native) traditions, and even in the mathematical sciences (e.g. the golden mean). The Golden Rule is not just a moral ideal for relationships between people but also for relationships among nations, cultures, races, sexes, religions and economies. Welcome to the seminar to discuss about the Golden Rule in Business. What does it mean in praxis?

10 – 10.30 Registration and coffee

10.30 Opening of the seminar

Minna-Maari Harmaala, Principal Lecturer (Corporate Responsibility) at HAAGA-HELIA

Introduction of the Golden Rule Award
Lars Silén, Co-ordinator of The Forum of Religions in Helsinki

10.40 Example of a poverety project: Aarni Moisala, Principal Lecturer at HAAGA-HELIA

10.50 Some remarks of Luther to Business ethics: Reijo E. Heinonen, Professor emeritus of theology


11.20 Quaker-run business: Heidi Rautionmaa, Dialogue Coach

11.25 Panel discussion “Spirit in Business”

Päivi Käri-Zein, Senior lecturer (International Business) at HAAGA-HELIA
Eija Rasinmäki, Art Designer, Businesswoman
Didi Annapurna, Follower of The Proutist Universal
Rachid Zaitri, Muslim leader

12.20 Closing

The Seminar The Golden Rule in Business is organized by Living together in Cities / Kaupunki yhteisönä ry. in the co operation with HAAGA-HELIA.

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